How do we become the best versions of ourselves?

How do we show up authentically and courageously to the present moment wherever it may be?

What is our power and how do we stand firmly in it?

How do we love ourselves, love others, and create a world of abundance in which we thrive and are able to lend a hand to others to thrive, too?

These are the questions that began the quest for outlining the Shero’s Journey: the creative journey from healing to healer; victim to fighter; survivor to thriver. It is the journey every Shero goes through, often alone and tribeless and often formlessly and unguided. But that is about to change.

Venus Souls is for women who wish to recreate themselves, metamorphose, and in the process of becoming, rewrite their past, reclaim their present and reimagine a future that once upon a time seemed ambiguous and uncertain.

Every tool and every method used in our courses is the result of years of research, synthesis between the arts and the sciences, observation and application.

“Follow Your Bliss”

Joseph Campbell

Our Bliss is Venus: the goddess of love and abundance: the very stuff we want to dip our souls into and stay there. It is both the destination and the journey. The Shero’s Journey is about finding our Venus, embracing it, living it. The curricula we designed, the spaces we create and the tribes we build on this journey are for YOU to discover who you are, what your purpose is, what is your heart’s greatest desire, and most importantly, how do you find it.

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your longitude.”

Zig Zaglar

Venus Souls is unique in that it offers a research based curriculum that combines the tools of creative writing, meditation, transpersonal psychotherapy, life goals and purpose coaching in ways that have never been offered before, delivered by highly qualified, experienced and talented professionals whom have been serving Sheros for years.

If life is telling you that you are more but you feel that there is no where for you to go..

If circumstances feel that they are closing in on you and making decisions for you..

If you feel that you have lost sight of your whos and whys…

If you know deep in your heart that there is more to you and for you than this…

Then please get in touch today. Your Venus Souls Tribe awaits you.

About Our Founder

Nesreen Salem is a Venus Soul, creative artist, writer, teacher, mentor and someone who wishes to empower women and guide them to finding their own Venus Soul. She is a writer, has been teaching for 16 years, a photographer, has an MA in Creative Writing, is a qualified life coach and is currently completing a PhD in Creative Writing at Birkbeck University of London.

She has had the privilege of being mentored and taught by the best, including Professor Dame Marina Warner OBE, the late Derek Walcott, and many others. She brings and incorporates all her knowledge and experience to the table with a strong soul and an open heart.

She lives in Surrey with her two wonderful teenage boys who teach her new ways to love and abundance everyday.